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Double the Dough with HungerRush: How Flyers Pizza Leveled Up Their Pizzeria Game

Double the Dough Flyers Pizza

Flyers Pizza, a cherished family-owned chain in Columbus, OH since 1976, embarked on a transformative journey with HungerRush 360 in 2019, propelling them to new heights in the pizza industry. Despite their rich legacy and expertise in pizza-making, Flyers encountered challenges with their outdated POS system.

The clunky software and lack of integration led to operational inefficiencies, including buggy menus, unreliable online orders, and the absence of a loyalty program. Desperate for a solution, Flyers turned to HungerRush 360 to revitalize their business. Discover how this family-owned chain not only doubled sales but also streamlined operations, ensuring their customers keep coming back for more.

Flyers Pizza Implements HungerRush POS System

Flyers took the plunge, piloting the HungerRush POS system at one store. Enter HungerRush 360: A cloud-based POS built for restaurant success. Bugs vanished, efficiency soared, and accurate reporting finally became a reality. Impressed? You bet! Flyers then decided to migrate all ten locations in just eight short weeks. HungerRush wasn’t just about cash registers.

Flyers equipped their kitchens with digital displays, ensuring lightning-fast order accuracy. They boosted customer loyalty with the HungerRush 360 Loyalty program, rewarding their fans with sweet deals. In efforts to keep the orders rolling in, they tapped into, driving repeat business with automated campaigns.

The Results of HungerRush POS System at Flyers? . . .Game-Changing

Manual work? Slashed by 3 days a week! The implementation of HungerRush’s cloud-based point-of-sale system sparked a revolutionary change for Flyers, dramatically reducing manual workload across their ten-unit chain. By centralizing the updating process for coupons, menus, and reports, Flyers was able to eliminate days of manual effort per week! This convenience in managing franchise-wide updates remotely underscores the efficiency and flexibility of HungerRush’s cloud-based infrastructure.

In just one month, Flyers Pizza also witnessed a remarkable 5% surge in online orders, underscoring the ROI of HungerRush 360 Marketing. Additionally, HungerRush 360 Loyalty has become a pivotal component of Flyers’ customer retention strategy, allowing guests to redeem $5 for every $100 spent and cementing its status as one of the premier loyalty programs in the pizza industry. But the biggest win? Doubling the sales of other competitor pizza joints in Columbus, Ohio!

Flyers switched to the HungerRush 360 POS system in 2019 and are currently using HungerRush 360, kitchen display system, cloud restaurant management, online ordering + delivery management, loyalty & rewards, and automated marketing products. The efficiency and flexibility of HungerRush’s cloud-based infrastructure shine through in the convenience of remotely managing franchise-wide updates.

“Moving to HungerRush was one of the best decisions we made. With HungerRush, we’re flying high.”

Matt Ulrey, Owner

Flyers Pizza’s story is a testament to the power of choosing the right tech partner. Hungry for restaurant success? Take a bite out of HungerRush 360 and see your business rise like dough! Bonus Tip :Get a free HungerRush demo and see how our POS can take your restaurant to the next level.

Now go forth and conquer, pizza champions!

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