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Boost Repeat Guests With The Right POS System for Pizza Shops

Boost Repeat Guests With The Right POS System For Pizza Shops

Your best customers spend more — 67% more than one-off customers, to be precise. If earning repeat business has ever felt like playing roulette then you’re in the right place. This post is all about the hidden benefits of POS systems for pizza shops: how they can significantly increase repeat custom and maximize your earnings. 

Here’s why: with a POS system optimized for the pizza experience, you can quickly assemble ingredients for complicated pizza orders, tempt customers with personalized coupons, and manage your delivery drivers all from a single screen.

All of the above? It makes for a better customer experience, and will keep your customers coming back for a second slice.

Key Takeaways:

  • A pizza POS system allows for creating tailored promotions for specific customer segments (like big group customers, or meat lovers), enhancing the likelihood of repeat visits by offering deals relevant to each customer’s preferences.
  • A pizza-specific POS can streamline your customer’s order experience by populating customer information via caller ID, and handling complex coupons and pricing automatically.
  • Modern pizza POS systems offer features like live order tracking and interactive maps for delivery operations, providing a polished user interface that matches the expectations set by major third-party delivery apps.
  • POS systems can give your customers a first-class delivery experience they won’t forget — with live order tracking and polished UIs.

Let’s get started.

3 Ways To Increase Repeat Customers With The Right POS System For Pizza Shops

A pizza POS isn’t just about processing payments. Recent advances in restaurant technology and AI allow POS systems to play a pivotal part in turning casual visitors into your biggest fans.

In this section, we’ll explore how to leave a lasting impression on your customers, with the power of POS systems designed just for pizza shops.

1. The Art Of The (Pizza) Deal

First things first — pizza customers love nothing more than the satisfaction of getting a good deal. The right deal, aimed at the right customers, at the right time, can tempt them into coming back again and again. Getting that message to them is critical to earning repeat guests and revenue.

Our recent study highlighted:

  • Promotions and discounts are the top factors (28%) that encourage repeat visits to restaurants.
  • Reward or loyalty programs are second place, at 17%.
  • 15% of customers are encouraged to return due to personalized promotions based on their order history.

A pizza POS system can help you leverage customer data and determine which promotions will work for different customer segments. For example, Joey the vegan might not be too keen on your 20% discount on a meat lover’s pizza. But he might be swayed by those cauliflower wings.

A reliable POS can gather customer data into a single spreadsheet. That means you don’t have to sort through a dozen databases or rely on gut feelings to inform your marketing – do it all backed by the power of data.

All that marketing? It’s fully automatable, with HungerRush 360. HungerRush 360 Marketing is designed to drive repeat business and increase online ordering frequency by re-engaging your customers with custom-designed, fully automated email and text marketing campaigns. No marketing hire required!

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2. The Right POS Improves Customer Experience – Despite The Labor Shortage

The labor shortage might not be going away, but the right pizza POS system can help. Make your staff’s life easier by leveraging the power of POS to:

  • Populate customer information from their Caller ID (know if they’re a returning customer).
  • Handle complex orders, apply coupons, and other complex pricing that the pizza industry is famous for.
  • Pull past order information and improve overall guest profiles for more targeted offers.

All of the above will let you process orders that much faster and delight your guests. This is especially relevant today, with studies suggesting 80% of your customers expect you to use restaurant tech to cope with staff shortages.

 As Oliver Theirry, CRO of HungerRush put it:

“Restaurant owners and operators have to understand where customers are feeling disengaged and how they can work to ensure their overall experience with the restaurant is a positive one or else it will impact their brand loyalty. When restaurants embrace technology to empower their staff, many common areas of complaints from customers can be resolved, or eliminated completely.”

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3. Streamline Your Pizza Deliveries

Improving your customers’ experience through a smooth ordering process is a great way to encourage repeat purchases and future loyalty. It makes sense — how often would you go back to order from a restaurant with terrible UI?

Modern pizza POS systems (like HungerRush) let you use an interactive map to get clear visibility into your delivery operations at all times. This means you can:

  • Track deliveries for each store across your entire brand.
  • Track average delivery time, late orders, and other important metrics.
  • Track current orders and driver progress.

Third-party apps like Uber Eats spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to refine their UI and apps — and your customers expect the same level of polish. The good news is, you don’t need to have pockets as deep as Uber. A pizza POS system can do the same at a much more reasonable price point.

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Unlock Your Restaurant’s Potential Today

Securing repeat customers can often feel like a gamble. But armed with the right pizza POS system, you can turn this uncertainty into an advantage.

A pizza POS system can be your secret weapon – with tempting deals, enhanced customer experiences, and streamlined deliveries, you can turn one-time customers into loyal fans. HungerRush is the key to unlocking this potential.

Don’t leave repeat business to chance. Embrace the power of a pizza POS system today.

“Simple Simon’s Pizza partnered with HungerRush because they understand the pizza business and the challenges that come with the complexity of orders. We are excited to grow with HungerRush!” – Dustin Jones, Simple Simon’s Pizza

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