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6 Ways to Increase Revenue with Restaurant Marketing 

How to increase Revenue with Restaurant Marketing

Customers are the heart of everything when it comes to the restaurant business. But how do you get more hungry customers through the door when word of mouth just isn’t cutting it anymore? You step into the digital age and create a stellar restaurant marketing strategy. 

75% of consumers shared that they enjoy hearing from their favorite restaurants. (Survey done with Dynata) This is something to note as today’s diners are digital natives. 90% of consumers are researching restaurants online before even making a reservation confirming that restaurant marketing can no longer be an afterthought, it’s a stakeholder for attracting new customers.(Reputation X

We understand not everyone can be a marketing connoisseur so we’re here to provide valuable insights on leveraging impactful restaurant marketing strategies to boost your revenue.

Here’s a few things we’ll cover:

  1. How to increase your online visibility with your menu, website, and visuals
  2. Ways you can leverage social media by sharing engaging content
  3. How you can build a direct line of communication via email to your customers to keep them coming back for more

What Is Restaurant Marketing?

Restaurant marketing can sound more daunting than the work it takes to make sure your restaurant is a success. So let’s break it down. What is restaurant marketing you may ask? It’s leveraging online, digital, and print platforms as well as promotional and loyalty programs to showcase a restaurant’s menu offering, dining experience, and that ultimately drive revenue and profitability.

Why Does Restaurant Marketing Matter?

Effective marketing helps attract new customers to your restaurant by raising awareness of your brand, menu offerings, and dining experience. It’s a way to showcase what sets your restaurant apart from competitors. The great thing about modern technology is you no longer have to try and “do it all” on your own anymore. There are ways you can automate your restaurant marketing so you can compete with big chains as well as the smaller local establishments.(Market like Enterprise Chains) Let’s get to it!

Step 1 – Increase Your Online Visibility 

Is your menu online? Is it up to date showcasing the most recent price changes, pictures of your food, as well as seasonal specials your restaurant may be offering? What about your website? Do you have all of your online listings such as Google, Yelp, and other online directories mirroring the same information across all accounts? 

Step 2 – Leverage Social Media to Your Advantage

In a study by Gitnux 63% of consumers use social media to find new restaurants or explore new menu items. So be sure to engage on platforms where your customers are spending most of their time aka Instagram with reels or share over a fun video over on TikTok of some fun BOH prep work.

Sharing appetizing food photos, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, will help reflect your restaurant’s personality. This will in turn create a sense of connection with your current/future customers. Don’t have the time to? Don’t worry HungerRush 360 Marketing is designed to drive repeat business and increase online ordering frequency by re-engaging your customers with custom-designed, fully automated email and text marketing campaigns.

Step 3. Build Your Customer Base with Loyalty

Building your customer base begins with showing your repeat customers appreciation. A loyalty program that incentivizes customers to return and spend more by offering a point-based system, birthday surprises, and exclusive discounts tailored to their ordering habits is key in retaining and gaining revenue.

55% of diners reported that they visit establishments where they earn rewards at least 2 times per month. (Survey with Dynata) With HungerRush Loyalty, you can use collected data to convert online visitors into lifelong regulars with targeted offers and drive new sales. Personalized offers are far more effective than general offers and make the customer feel special and establish a unique connection with your restaurant and brand.

Step 4. Manage Your Coupons Efficiently

Coupons are a powerful marketing tool for attracting new customers and incentivizing repeat visits. Offering discounts or promotions through coupons can help your restaurant stand out in a competitive market and encourage your customers to choose your establishment over others.  By centralizing the updating process for coupons, menus, and reports, Flyers Pizza was able to eliminate days of manual efforts per week! This convenience in managing franchise-wide updates remotely underscores the efficiency and flexibility of HungerRush’s cloud-based infrastructure.

Step 5. Improve Your Customers’ Experience With Online Ordering and Delivery

Do you have a way that customers can order online? Did you know 80% of diners are ordering online the same or more than last year.(DoorDash) Now, this may not sound directly like restaurant marketing but it is so important to ensure the basics are covered so your customers have everything they could possibly need at their fingertips. 

Online ordering also provides valuable data insights and analytics that restaurant operators can leverage to understand customer preferences. Tracking sales trends, and optimize menu offerings is data you can leverage when creating coupons. If your current tech doesn’t support online ordering you maybe missing out on a larger piece of the pie than you realize.

Step 6. Engage With Fellow Restaurants and Operators

Collaborating with new and other local businesses can work to your benefit for cross-promotional opportunities in efforts to reach new audiences. If there is a Farmer’s Market in your area consider setting up a small booth with bites of your menu offerings.If you’re restaurant is new to town this is a fun way to engage with potential customers. This will give great visibility to your offerings and allow the opportunity to build and grow connections.

Ready to Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level?

By implementing these strategic marketing strategies, you can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and ultimately drive revenue for your restaurant. Remember, consistency is key, so keep the content flowing and the engagement going.

At HungerRush, we offer a suite of solutions, from state-of-the-art POS systems to marketing tools and expert advice, to help you unlock your restaurant’s full potential. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and discover how we can help you turn hungry website visitors into loyal customers!

Remember, a winning restaurant marketing strategy is like a delicious meal – it takes the right ingredients, a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of data-driven insights, and the right tech for guaranteed success!

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