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"Ever since we switched from Harbortouch to HungerRush, everything is SO much better. It’s difficult to point out specifics because HungerRush is such a better system overall, that would be a long list! Even down to things that seem simple, like the images and buttons HungerRush uses, blow Harbortouch out of the water. Everything is much easier to categorize and much easier to use. And HungerRush just has so many features that Harbortouch didn’t have. I’d have to say my favorite thing right now about the HungerRush system is the ability to pull up drink recipes – I’m not a bartender myself, but my bartenders are raving about that feature – it’s very cool! The system is so intuitive, and my entire staff really loves it. We’re extremely happy with our HungerRush POS."

Brian O’Shea