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Papania Pizza, Pasta & Subs

“We switched from HungerRush because our HarborTouch was not everything it was made to be when I signed up. I was misled and the system can’t do anything but just take orders. On top of the hidden fees, I received from Harbor Touch the system just made my business more complicated. I just started my full-service concept in my restaurant and Harbor Touch was not able to do anything that I need for a restaurant to run successfully. I can’t add table numbers and seat numbers to my kitchen tickets to make sure my orders are prepped correctly. This was a feature that I was told would be there but after 2 and a half hours on the phone with them, they told me that we can add a beta version. With Delivery and carry out orders everything was very cumbersome. Overall this system is not meant for a good fast pace restaurant. After my time with them, I’m still under contract but I don’t care, I decided to invest in HungerRush because they provide me with everything I need. From Honesty up front to a fully customizable system that allows me to run my business at full speed! I will recommend to everyone that HungerRush is the way to go.”

Jimmy Papania