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Gus’s New York Pizza & Bar

“Before HungerRush we were using the Aldelo POS system, but it just wasn’t working to our benefit. We decided we wanted to upgrade to a better system – to something we actually liked. So we switched to HungerRush!

All of the features and reporting capabilities are so much better and HungerRush is very easy to use; training the staff on it was so simple. My favorite feature is the delivery module – it is absolutely awesome. We do a lot of deliveries, so it was extremely important that our POS have excellent delivery features. HungerRush’s delivery module is just so great. I also love the fingerprint reader; it keeps my employees from clocking in for each other and that sort of thing. And HungerRush’s support team is always so helpful.

Initially I was concerned that the switch from Aldelo to HungerRush would be complicated, but it really wasn’t. The switch went really well. We’re happy!”

Ariana Arroyo