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“Since we made the switch from Micros to HungerRush, everything is better! Menu items can now be modified easily. With Micros, we were always having to add excessive notes such as, ‘No this, sub this’ and it made for a lot of things for the server to type and a lot of things for the kitchen to read. Now with the HungerRush system, the kitchen can see easily and clearly exactly what it needs.

Overall, the HungerRush system is so much simpler to look at. Before with Micros, there were so many unnecessary details in the system. With HungerRush everything is much more consolidated and clear. And split checks are so much more convenient with HungerRush! With Micros, if you made one little mistake, you could not merge the checks back together. Servers would have to get manager approval to split checks, which took up a lot of extra time. Now servers can split checks with ease and get back to taking care of their guests.

The Micros system was just unreliable. The kitchen display system was constantly crashing or the screens would go out, and their Customer Support department was horrible. I would call and leave a message, and it would take them at least 30 minutes to call me back on any issue.”

Eden Swenson