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Uncle Andy’s Pizza

“Aldelo was the worst POS software and didn’t work AT ALL for my business. I switched to HungerRush because I wanted to establish the most efficient POS solution for my type of concept. I needed to simplify and organize my business, which HungerRush helped me do. The marketing features are really great and I love the smart coupons and easy user interface of HungerRush’s system. HungerRush’s sales team was amazing at answering my questions during the sales process (and I had millions of them). When it was time for installation, the HungerRush installer/trainer I had was hands down AMAZING. She was able to turn my manager, who is not tech-savvy, into a wiz at the POS system. This meant the world to me. I would definitely recommend HungerRush to other store owners – customer satisfaction is top notch!”

Andy Nannoshi