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Frank’s Pizza

“I switched back to HungerRush POS after using Speedline POS for 3 days. We now have 3 locations with HungerRush. I really like the customer support we get from HungerRush. They are available 24/7. Their order entry is the best in the market It’s very intuitive and there are no wasted keystrokes. We have a high-volume restaurant and bar here and we require a system like that. Another thing that only HungerRush has is the ability to change drawers quickly. We do a lot of volume, and being able to swap drawers without having to reconcile the drawer is a must. With HungerRush, we can swap drawers quickly and we can reconcile later; allowing us to maintain the business rhythm and keeping up with the volume. From a management perspective, HungerRush also suites me extremely well, I get reports of all my delivery profits, and I’m able to see all my operational efficiencies which allow me to properly correct and make adjustments. I highly recommend HungerRush.”

Ed Love