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Piu Bello

“I was using a Clover POS System and I switched because it was very unsatisfactory. There are more things Clover can’t do then it can as far as pizza restaurants are concerned. The only things it can do that can benefit me is the fact that it can take an order and charge a credit card. The credit card fees are outrageous. Unlike HungerRush which has more options and lower fees. Clover might be ok for retail stores, but it’s not going to work for a restaurant concept that needs a lot of customization. Clover also has no way to calculate labor, that is, unless you want to download a 3rd party app (for an extra charge). And many of those apps are also incapable of doing what I truly need. There’s no way for me to know when I need to reorder food, how much food I’m using in each pizza, and there’s no way for it to specify the quantity of toppings. The only thing Clover is good for is to take simple orders and charge cards. With HungerRush, I can do all that and more. They have a mapping system that lets me route drivers, HungerRush also has an inventory system that I can have customized, and the best part is, they build a menu for me so there’s no work on my end. They come through and install everything so I don’t need to worry about properly following instructions. Just an FYI, Clover does not have a good instruction manual. Lastly, HungerRush has the best customer service, which again, Clover is lacking. At HungerRush I have my salesman number and I know who to reach for help. HungerRush is the correct choice for pizza restaurants. It’s like they were built for pizza shops. And if they can do pizza they can do anything in the restaurant industry.”

Mehul Patel