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Heady’s Pizza

“I switched to HungerRush because I felt that HarborTouch was very dishonest in their sales approach. They tell you that the system is “free,” but they collect their funds from you by in-house processing. Essentially, they are a processing company. One of the biggest disappointments was that there was no delivery module. I was not informed of this prior to my purchase with Harbor Touch. Immediately once I switched to HungerRush, I saw a 30% increase in sales. This allowed me to open a second location. There was no question if I was going to go with HungerRush for my second location. The online ordering platform, HungerRush, is fantastic! My customers love it! I always receive 5-5 star ratings from HungerRush surveys. I would definitely say that switching to HungerRush was a great investment.”

Douglas Hunter