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The State of Food Delivery Software in 2023 (Plus 5 Recommendations)

Authored by: Kyle Vorndran, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Nobody likes relying on third-party delivery apps. They gobble up your profits like quicksand—but what else can you do? Running a busy restaurant takes time, and taking the time to set up a custom in-house delivery program as well is a tall order.

Moving away from third-party apps isn’t as tough as you think. There’s food delivery management software out there for restaurateurs who want to free themselves from third-party giants—without destroying their profit margins in the process.

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This article covers:

  • How to set up first-party ordering without the stress
  • Why DoorDash Drive means you can have your cake and eat it too
  • Our top five online food delivery software recommendations

Let’s get right to it.

Why Restaurants Are Turning To Food Delivery Software (And Away From Third-Party Apps)

There are at least 30 reasons restaurants should turn away from third-party delivery apps—for starters, they eat up to 30% of your commissions. But it’s not just about clawing back your profit margin. Restaurants that switch to first-party food delivery software also reap the following rewards:

Food delivery software integrates into your POS system. They automatically collate order data, and some even help map optimal drive routes.Not all platforms do real-time order tracking—which is something customers crave.
They allow you to self-manage an in-house fleet: keep track of your drivers, their performance, and even their license expiration date.Not all platforms let you plug into DoorDash Drive, which gives you access to their network of drivers for a small fee. The service can be a lifesaver when an unexpected rush hits or a driver calls in sick.
You make a lot more money with first-party orders.You don’t have to pay up to 30% commission to third-party apps, but software prices vary so you’ll have to do the research to see which option is right for your business.
Food delivery management software gives you more control of, well, everything.Think custom customer experience, bespoke loyalty programs, full ownership of customer data … the list goes on. But the depth of each feature depends on your technology partner.

Next up: We explore 5 of the best food delivery software alternatives on the market.

5 Recommendations For Restaurant Food Delivery Software

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1. HungerRush

HungerRush delivery management software helps you meet customer delivery expectations with curbside pickup, get the most out of your employees with advanced driver management (plus DoorDash Drive integration), and access in-depth operation insights that allow you to make big-picture business decisions based on real stats.

But don’t listen to us—here’s what our customers are saying:

“The delivery module of HungerRush has been a huge upgrade from our previous system and delivery wait time has improved. Delivery restaurants can definitely benefit from HungerRush.”  –Corey Rimmel, Hot Box Cookies

Here’s What We Like

  • Custom geofenced delivery zones put you in control of your delivery. Keep hot food coming to your customers without any disappointments over cold pizza.
  • Dual pay rate options for drivers keep them engaged and incentivized to get back on the road and making deliveries that much quicker.
  • Smooth integration with other HR products and ordering channels—no more chaotic integrations and stress. Plus all the customer data is yours and yours alone.

HungerRush was designed from the ground up by restaurant industry veterans. We understand the industry and what customers have come to expect from food delivery software—which makes HungerRush a great choice for QSR restaurants and chains looking to unlock their profit margins.

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2. Onfleet

Onfleet provides last-mile delivery service solutions for every industry from food and furniture to retail and ecommerce. Customers on the G2 software review website praise the driver fleet management app for being easy to set up, as well as having automatic customer notifications, live tracking, and route optimization.

Here’s What We Like

  • Driver fleet management with tracking and analytics
  • SMS customer communications, estimated delivery times, and a proof-of-delivery system
  • Syncing between your website, mobile app, and online ordering system, plus a developer-friendly API

Onfleet is a solid choice for delivery software, but it isn’t expressly designed for QSR and food—it’s more of a general last-mile solution i.e. getting packages and products from the hub to their final destination.

Some users report bugs regarding route optimization, as well as inaccurate ETAs, which frustrate customers. Their proof of delivery system also isn’t as intuitive as it might be–if a driver takes a photo of the delivery, Onfleet doesn’t make it possible to share said photo URL directly with customers—they have to share it through Onfleet customer support.

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3. TraceItUp

TraceItUp was designed with local deliveries in mind. Based in Turkey, they’ve worked with major brands, such as Subway and Wagamama, to deliver fresh food across Europe. They’re known for their efficient driver tracking system and clear customer communication.

Here’s What We Like

  • Real-time order tracking and ETA messages
  • Completely web-based—customers don’t have to download an app to use it
  • Restaurant ownership of customer data

TraceItUp is a promising delivery service with some exciting features. They don’t currently have a large presence in the U.S. but are trying to break into the market. Some users have mentioned issues using the website interface, but the customer service team has promised to address these ASAP. Our verdict? It’s worth keeping an eye on.

4. DelivApp

DelivApp is an end-to-end ordering and delivery management system that also handles logistics. The company, like HungerRush, was built by a core of restaurant industry figures who wanted to empower local businesses against “Big Delivery” apps like UberEats.

Here’s What We Like

  • Natively built apps for iOS and Android operating systems
  • Ability to manage your menu and inventory across stores seamlessly
  • Impressive list of integrations, including the ability to create orders on Telegram

Reviews on G2 praise the reliability and ease of use of their system. Drivers are trackable in real time, and there are audio alerts in case of any order problems—a small but useful feature when you’re running a busy restaurant.

There are a few reports of minor glitches from customers when using the website, but nothing that overly impacts operational efficiency.

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5. DeliverLogic

DeliverLogic is a well-established food delivery software company that processes 2.8 million orders per year and has over 250 food ordering websites in their portfolio—making it a reliable choice for a food technology partner.

Here’s What We Like

  • Bespoke pickup and delivery software system
  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer service, with agents across the U.S. for specific, local support 
  • Marketing services that help your restaurant get noticed on Google or other local websites in your area

DeliverLogic is a strong food delivery management software with a slew of features. It’s undeniably popular, but some users on review websites have complained about slow menu loading times and poor customer service.

Ready To Deliver Profits? // First-Party Delivery Is A Recipe For Success

Looking to switch to first-party food delivery software, but not sure where to start? We’re here to help. HungerRush was designed from the ground up by actual restaurateurs who know what it takes to run successful businesses.

Our food delivery management system is natively integrated into ordering, loyalty, and reporting ecosystems—no expensive customizations necessary. And we’re no greenhorns. We’ve been helping restaurant owners maximize delivery profits for almost 20 years.

Want first-party food delivery software without the stress? Get in touch with our team today.

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