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Introducing: New POS System Plans for Independent Restaurants

Authored By: Shannon Chirone, SVP of Marketing

The restaurant technology landscape has become exponentially more complex in the last few years. There are no longer 3-4 software tools that restaurants need to run efficiently. These days, the baseline tech stack includes nearly 15+ pieces of software. It’s too complicated, convoluted, not to mention expensive. 

That’s why we’re launching new POS System plans for independent restaurants that redefine the meaning of an all-in-one system with HungerRush 360.

Crafted specifically for independent operators with 1-5 locations, this new all-in-one offering blends together the core tools a rising restaurant needs—POS, scheduling, loyalty, hardware, and much more—into a simple, clear, and affordable package that empowers restaurateurs to rise above the competition.

Why We’re Launching This New Set of Plans

Historically, we’ve built tailored packages and pricing according to a restaurant’s needs. But it’s clear that, for restaurants with 1-5 locations, that was unnecessarily complex.

But we’ve been listening to our customers, and we’re excited to follow-through on something we’ve known for a while now… operators need a simple, transparent, and affordable all-in-one system that can handle all their needs—without hidden costs. 

Creating these two bundles with clear, all-in pricing just makes sense.

“Running a small business can easily become overly complicated way too fast. It’s great to have one solution that handles it all. The system saves us time and gives me visibility into the business which is a great benefit.” 

— Cleo Bustamante, President of Martita’s Cocina in Carrizo Springs, TX

What The Two Plans Include

When we created the HungerRush 360 POS System, our goal was simple: give restaurant operators every tool they need to run their business in one platform, for a predictable monthly price. Omni-channel ordering, caller ID, scheduling, delivery management, loyalty and marketing, website creation—it’s the complete operator package, the whole shebang. 

Take a deeper look at all of the plan features.


Many POS System providers have low-cost starter packages, but by the time you add on all the features you need to run a well-balanced business, the final price tag is significantly higher. We’re proud to be the only POS System provider offering this range of capabilities priced affordably for independent operators. 

Why This Is Better For Restaurants

These packages represent a realignment of the HungerRush 360 product with the daily needs of restaurant operators: simplicity, well-rounded features, and “it just works” reliability.

By bundling these tools together with a single platform and vendor, independent operators experience a wide range of benefits:

  • Reducing the frustrations of trying to integrate tools, struggling to share insights across software, and having to work with too many vendors
  • Easier training and onboarding by streamlining processes and consolidating services
  • Incredibly detailed and flexible reporting across tools and functions that most businesses can’t access because their services don’t integrate
  • Addressing labor shortages and supply chain disruptions through advanced technology
  • Enhancing the guest experience to make smaller restaurants competitive against the giants

Want to explore the fine details of our Independent Operator Plans? Check them out.

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