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Key Advantages of a Personalized Restaurant Loyalty Program

Key Advantages of a Personalized Restaurant Loyalty Program

Pizza connoisseurs have a lot of options to choose from these days. You might have the best pizza in town, but in this competitive environment, if you aren’t using marketing and retention tools to get more customers and keep them coming back, you’re not taking advantage of the potential revenue opportunities. One such tool that has proven to be highly effective is a restaurant loyalty program. Keep reading to find out why you need one and how you can make it best work for you.

Retain More Customers and Increase Customer Spend

Smart pizza business owners know that retaining customers costs less than recruiting new ones. Research by advisory firm Bain & Company showed that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits between 25% and 95%. Restaurant loyalty and reward programs are a proven customer retention strategy that 87% of consumers say they want—and it motivates them to spend more. Restaurant loyalty program members buy 5-20% more frequently (and spend 5-20% more) than non-members. Repeat customers spend 33% more than new ones. Some of the increased spend may be attributed to the desire to reach the next reward level or item. If you haven’t implemented a restaurant loyalty program, you are missing out on significant revenue opportunities.

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Improve Overall Customer Experience

Restaurant loyalty and reward programs provide a wealth of valuable data about your customers, which you can leverage to create highly personalized and relevant offers to encourage those return visits. For example, you can use their order histories to send targeted email offers based on their most frequently purchased items. Or, you can send them an offer for a free dessert on their birthday. Such tailored offers perform better than generalized promotions, because they create a sense of personal connection that boosts customer satisfaction.

Integrate All Ordering Channels

Your restaurant loyalty and reward program should be integrated with your point of sale (POS), online, and mobile ordering channels. Your pizza fans should be able to earn points on every order, regardless of how or where they purchase. Points should be automatically generated and credited to the account in real-time.

Make It Easy to Use

The easier you make your loyalty and reward program, the more often customers will spend their points. Customers should be able to check their current balances and available rewards at any time using an online ordering or mobile app

Loyalty is the Key to Unlocking Better Customer Experiences that Increase Revenue

Operating a pizzeria can be hectic, but don’t let the pressures of restaurant management cause you to lose sight of what’s really important: your customers. Amazing customer experiences are the building blocks of a successful pizzeria. Take advantage of the technologies available to you. Use restaurant loyalty programs to drive personalized customers offers, increase customer retention, and drive more revenue.   

HungerRush provides restaurant technology solutions that are built with that purpose in mind. Our solutions are designed with our extensive industry knowledge and understanding of customer needs. For more information on how you can integrate a loyalty program that will reward your customers and your bottom line, New call-to-action