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HungerRush Wins In Pizza: Customer Service and HungerRush 360

Authored By: Olivier Thierry, Chief Revenue Officer


Welcome to part two of our three-part series: HungerRush Wins In Pizza. If you missed the previous post, you can read it here.

Most pizza chains need a dozen apps and integrations just to function, let alone thrive. And keeping them all working together smoothly can feel like a full-time job—these apps aren’t always great at communicating with each other.

When something in one of the apps doesn’t click, who will you call? If the thought of trying to speak to your current POS provider when the menu isn’t syncing during rush hour gives you a jolt of panic, it might be time to consider your options.

You need a pizza-centered POS system that understands your restaurant and its unique needs. You need a tech partner with a proven track record of providing solutions—not dodging your calls.

We designed HungerRush 360 to do just that. In this article, we cover:

  • Why HungerRush customer service won’t leave you feeling drained
  • How HungerRush 360 seamlessly simplifies the business of restaurant management
  • Why customers keep switching to HungerRush

Do you feel like your POS provider’s last priority? It doesn’t have to be that way. Read on and find out why.

Two Signs Your POS Provider Will Rise To The Occasion

Your delivery apps aren’t in sync with your menu. Your website prices won’t update, and your driver management software isn’t forwarding order information to the drivers. Worst of all, your POS provider won’t pick up the phone.

You should be focused on providing a great dining experience for customers, not spending half your workday trying to get your POS provider to answer your calls—only to receive a generic, copy-and-paste response.

Here are two ways to tell if your POS provider is right for you. And if they’re not doing these two things? Well…🚩🚩🚩

  1. They know pizza like the back of their flour-coated hands. There’s nothing quite like the pizza industry—but our obsession with coupons and custom pizzas can drive most POS systems haywire. And a generic POS customer support team might not know how to handle that.

At HungerRush, we know what pizza restaurants need because many of us worked in the industry for years. The unique challenges pizzerias face have been part of our customer service recipe since day one. Whatever your situation, we’ve seen it before and we know how to help.

  1. They meet you where you are—no more generic customer care. When it comes to customer care, one size definitely does not fit all. A one-location pizza shop isn’t going to have the same problems as an enterprise-level chain with 50 locations across the States. That’s why your tech partner should assign a tailor-made support team for every business they work with. Generic scripts and stock answers don’t make for great customer service.

At HungerRush, we have all of that covered—and we have happy customers to prove it. Here’s what Ann Keller from Hot Tomato Cafe had to say:

“HungerRush customer support is outstanding. I’ve worked closely with their department multiple times on projects and they have always been extremely thorough and responsive. I am extremely happy with HungerRush’s customer service and with HungerRush as a whole.”

Next up: Why running a restaurant doesn’t require a POS solution.

Here’s Why POS Only Solutions Are Obsolete


Source: Canva

POS only solutions are obsolete. It’s a bold statement, but we stand by it. Most POS solutions haven’t kept up with the times and have limited practical usage. For example, they can only report sales through their respective channel, i.e., in-store sales on the in-store POS. But it’s 2023 and more customers than ever are ordering online, via text, phone, or third-party apps.

Pizzerias today need an all-encompassing command center, not a limited POS. That’s why our team of pizza industry veterans designed the HungerRush 360 Restaurant Management System (RMS).

The system is a game-changer. Here’s why:

  • One restaurant management system to rule them all. HungerRush 360 comes with omnichannel order data syncing as its default. It also controls coupon, inventory, and loyalty programs from the same dashboard, which means you can cut your tech stack down and focus on creating a great dining experience.
  • Your pizza shop, your API modules. Two years ago, not many people were predicting a rise in curbside pickup. But tech changes fast—a good RMS needs to be able to keep up and integrate the latest tech advances into its API without requiring you to hire a programmer for expensive back-end customizations. HungerRush 360 enables you to insert the latest features and capabilities into your tech stack without high-level technical expertise.
  • HungerRush 360 stays fresh. Is your POS keeping up with the latest advances in tech? We’re constantly designing new tools and features specifically for pizza. One of our latest releases is OrderAI, an AI-fueled text and voice ordering platform that never misses an upsell and lets you refocus precious employee labor time on what’s important—making great pizza.

This is what Ron Kveton from Ole Piper Restaurant and Sports Bar had to say about HungerRush 360:

“We switched to HungerRush because the online ordering solution was exactly what I needed for my restaurant. We didn’t want to deal with the third-party solutions out there and spend ungodly amounts of money on a monthly basis. Our customers absolutely love how easy it is to place an order, and I like that I can fully control the menu. If we happen to run out of an item, it’s a simple menu fix I can push through to the point of sale and online. My previous system didn’t allow me to make those changes on the fly.” 

Long story short? POS systems, by their very nature, are limited. HungerRush 360 Restaurant Management System simplifies your business by gathering everything in one place—and putting powerful tools (online ordering, OrderAI, driver and inventory tracking) directly into your hands.

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Whatever Way You Look At It, HungerRush Wins At Pizza

If you’re tired of using too many apps to do the simplest of pizza-related tasks, breathe a sigh of relief because those days are over.

We know what it’s like when your tech stack stops syncing and your phone lines are ringing off the hook with customers and delivery drivers wondering what’s gone wrong. That’s why our team of pizza lovers designed HungerRush 360 in the first place.

HungerRush 360 does all the boring stuff behind the scenes so well—you’ll forget it was even there. Need help learning how to use it? Our customer support and success teams are always on hand to answer your calls.

Check out HungerRush 360 now.

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