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How To Outsource Restaurant Marketing (Without Breaking The Bank)

Authored By: Michelle Doss, Director of Corporate Marketing


Effective marketing can make the difference between someone visiting your restaurant and becoming a loyal customer for life or never coming back again.

Here’s the problem—effective marketing costs time.

Chances are, you have enough on your plate. But modern technology is here to help. Business owners can now outsource their marketing to powerful AI-backed automations capable of crafting unique marketing offers for each and every customer segment.

This article is all about:

  • Why you need to outsource your marketing
  • How AI can help
  • The surprising power of SMS
  • And a whole lot more 

Let’s dive right in.

1. Email Marketing Is Surprisingly Easy To Outsource


Source: HungerRush

Email is one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s arsenal. With emails having an average 19.7% open rate (in the restaurant industry) and x36 ROI (email marketing in general) it’s still one of the best ways to reach your customers.

But it’s not easy to design new emails and come up with fresh offers every week—especially while considering individual customer preferences and segmentation.

Here’s How To Outsource: Contact a restaurant marketing team. They can handle the entire process of offer creation, design, and management from start to finish, saving hours of your time.

HungerRush 360 Marketing is built on a solid foundation—years of expertise in restaurant email marketing, for starters. We craft branded emails for your restaurant(s) that tempt customers with tried-and-tested offers. 

Plus each email is tailored to a specific customer section—our AI analyzes customer behavior and sales data to craft a uniquely irresistible offer, just for them. Plus, email marketing is so easily and effectively automized, it makes little sense to waste your time doing it alone.

“The results speak for themselves. It’s like having a built-in marketing department without having to pay even a fraction of what it would cost for one salaried marketing employee per month.” —Vicky Dalva, Batata Pita Bar

At the end of the month, you’ll receive an in-depth report to see campaign performance and what impact email marketing has had on your sales. And all that customer data? It’s yours.

2. Get The Most Out Of Social Media Without Investing (Hundreds) Of Hours Of Your Time

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok—your restaurant needs a social media presence and to be posting at least three times a week, or you’ll lose engagement from your followers.

Juggling multiple platforms with different image requirements, description lengths, and best practices is a lot of work. In fact, social media management is what most restaurant marketers in our network spend most of their time on. Guess what? This is another effort that can be outsourced. 

AI technology isn’t ready to take the lead here just yet, but we recommend outsourcing the day-to-day social media management so you can focus your efforts on a strategy that moves your company forward. This way, you’re not wasting hundreds of hours a week messing around on social media platforms.

Here’s How To Outsource: Put all your social media content into a spreadsheet—this should only take a couple of hours. Then, see if any of your staff might be interested in learning social media management—it’s a great way to build up their resumes.

If they can handle the formatting, captions, and posting across your various social media channels this will save you hours in the long run. If they show promise, you can even delegate content creation to them, which will save you a lot of time and allow you to refocus.

3. SMS Is The Most Effective Marketing Channel You’re Not Using 


Source: HungerRush

SMS marketing is often overlooked, but research suggests 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received—making SMS marketing an intriguing option, and a direct line of communication to your customers.

But it’s not easy. SMS is a very personal channel, and customers don’t respond well to generic offers. That’s because most people view text messages as a more intimate form of communication than email or social media.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, sending custom texts to thousands of customers every week is next to impossible. Good thing SMS marketing can be outsourced.

Here’s How To Outsource: The future of SMS marketing is powered by AI. AI can scan customer order history to learn their preferences (Elaine orders buffalo wings every Friday night; Harry is vegan) and test offers and promotions unique to them.

Generic SMS marketing doesn’t convert. But targeted, custom SMS marketing does. Outsourcing this to an AI (like OrderAI) grants you personalized text marketing at scale—for highly effective results. Our customers saw a 16% increase in sales each month from text orders and a 40% increase in repeat orders.

Outsource Your Marketing With A Restaurant-Savvy Partner

HungerRush 360 Marketing was designed by restaurant industry professionals. We have decades of experience in restaurants. We know what works when it comes to marketing—and what doesn’t.

“Juggling between our front-of-house responsibilities while also trying to create engaging marketing promotions was taking a lot of bandwidth from my staff. HungerRush 360 Marketing, with its automated text and emails, is just what we’ve been looking for.” — Dorian Gomez, Owner, Xtreme Pizza

You should be spending your time on the big-picture marketing that will take your restaurant into the future, not juggling half-a-dozen social media accounts, emails, and SMS campaigns.

Ready to see what HungerRush 360 Marketing can do for you?

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