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HungerRush Wins In Pizza: Omnichannel Ordering and Customer Engagement

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Pizza restaurants today are expected to be on half a dozen delivery apps and ordering channels all at once. The price for not being there is high—customers can just order from your rivals who are.

But maintaining an omnichannel ordering presence isn’t easy. 

Rush hour with limited staff and orders coming in from multiple sources can put a lot of pressure on you and your kitchen. And that pressure makes it tough to build customer loyalty—especially if you’re reliant on third-party apps that stand in between you and your customers’ data.

HungerRush POS was designed to help pizza restaurant owners develop a presence on all ordering channels—without losing their brand voice, without losing control of customer data, and without the stress.

In this article we get into:

  • Why you should be using a POS system designed expressly for pizza
  • How to be on all the ordering channels—without all the stress
  • Why owning customer data drives (profitable) customer engagement

Tired of using five different apps for five different ordering channels? Keep reading and you won’t have to.

Meeting The Demand For Omnichannel Ordering

Customers have been spoiled by the wealth of delivery options just a button tap away. They can order online, via phone, text, email—and even chat with an AI assistant instead of a human. Omnichannel has never been more omni.

But omnichannel can be challenging. You have to juggle orders and payments from various apps, get it all to your kitchen staff on time, and make sure all those apps you’re using are in sync with the latest menu updates and offers.

To make sure your customers don’t dine and ditch you for someplace with more convenient ordering options, here’s what you’ll need to meet their expectations.

  • Your customers expect nothing less than everything. Your customers expect your pizza store to have online, app, in-store, and drive-thru ordering options. You need a POS that can handle all that while providing a customized brand experience.
  • Leverage the latest tech. A good POS should work seamlessly with AI ordering. The days of clunky chatbots and frustrated customers are long gone. Advances in natural language processing technology have eliminated frustrations and can free up employees for where they’re needed.

Omnichannel ordering isn’t just about what customers want. A good POS needs to handle the challenges that naturally arise when providing omnichannel options to your customers. Your POS should:

  • Stick to the recipe. Having five different ordering channels shouldn’t mean writing out five different menus and five different price lists. Your POS system should have one unified source of truth for all of this, so there are no problems with ingredient details or out-of-sync prices.
  • Deal with everything in-house. Whatever the order channel your customers use, processing the transaction in-store simplifies the payment process and puts the payment data in your hands. Your POS should also allow you to modify credit card and order details just as if the transaction was made in your restaurant—giving restaurants a clear and direct line of communication with your customers.

Implementing omnichannel ordering doesn’t need to be difficult. HungerRush handles all of the above so you can focus on making great pizza. But don’t take our word for it—here’s what Tina Piser of AJ Barile’s Chicago Pizza had to say:

“Before HungerRush, we never technically had online ordering. I’ve already noticed that the people who are ordering online are spending more and have larger tickets.”

Next up: how HungerRush wins in customer data and customer engagement.

Learn more: Restaurant Digital Ordering Platform | HungerRush 

Using Customer Data To Build Customer Loyalty

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Customer data can be a gamechanger for pizza restaurants. Why? Because pizza restaurants using HungerRush can use customer data to engage with one-time diners and turn them into regulars.

Here’s how we do it at HungerRush:

  • We put the data in your hands. All the data you have on your customers is yours and yours alone. Unlike UberEats, we don’t build a wall between you and your customers’ information. They’re your customers, and the customer database is yours to build—with no hidden fees whatsoever.
  • We help you craft custom offers. A unique coupon or offer performs a lot better than a generic one. All that customer data—their eating habits (are they vegetarian? They might not appreciate the pepperoni pizza coupon), what time of year they order, what store locations they visit—all that data is combined to create automated deals that are as unique as your customers.
  • We use data to turn curious customers into loyal diners. HungerRush collates data from all of your ordering channels (whether first-party or third). This data gives you actionable insights into your best-selling products and what you might want to promote. Plus the loyalty programs are customizable at a store or regional level. And that means more profit for you—a rewards program can drive revenue up by 39%.

Here’s what another happy HungerRush restaurateur had to say about integrating our loyalty program:

“We continue to transition existing stores onto the HungerRush system and expect the results to grow as we introduce features like the integrated loyalty programs and suggestive selling capability. We are thrilled to offer this technology to our existing franchisees and future locations and watch how it helps fuel their success.” –Tom Lemaster, Giovanni’s Pizza

Effective use of customer data is the secret sauce in the customer engagement cookbook—and leveraging this data well will keep customers coming back for more.

HungerRush: Designed By Pizza Shop Owners For Pizza Shop Owners

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and keeping up can be a struggle. But jury-rigging a solution using a half dozen apps and expensive POS customizations isn’t the answer. A single POS should be able to handle omnichannel ordering without placing a barrier between you and your customer data.

HungerRush POS was made for pizza shops. Our team has been in your shoes—we know the ins and outs of running a pizzeria, and we’re here to help. If you’re ready to get rid of your POS system blues and get back to making great pizza, we’re ready for your call.

Check out the Pizza POS today.

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