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A Native DoorDash Marketplace Integration Comes to HungerRush: Here’s What It Means

Authored by: Shawn Hagist (Director of Product Management)

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Until now, restaurants that wanted to accept orders from DoorDash with their POS (Point of Sale) system had to use third-party aggregator software to push the orders directly into the POS or manually input orders from a DoorDash tablet into the POS. 

No one wants to add more tech than necessary to their operations, especially when it comes with a price tag. And the latter option leads to more manual work and the risk of errors as orders are manually transferred.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve been busy working on a solution to this industry problem.

Introducing the HungerRush DoorDash Integration

We’re pleased to announce a native integration between HungerRush and DoorDash. 

The integration automatically sends your DoorDash orders directly to your HungerRush POS, including any special order information such as deferred orders, delivery instructions, or special item requests. 

All order types are supported whether you are using DoorDash Delivery, making your own deliveries, or offering customer pickup. So for those currently using a third-party aggregator, the native integration removes the need for the middle-player and the accompanying fees. 

Here’s How It Works

This new integration will allow you to automatically receive DoorDash orders into your HungerRush POS plus a lot more. 

Here’s what else it can do:

  • Sync your POS data with DoorDash – sync your POS data such as menu items  and pricing so that your information on DoorDash is always up to date. The integration will also remove Out Of Stock items from availability both in the POS and on the DoorDash menu.  This helps maintain a consistent customer experience across different channels.
  • Manage multiple menus directly from the POS so you are able to have separate menus for in-store vs DoorDash
  • Commission tracking is automatically calculated so that you can determine how much revenue you’re receiving on each DoorDash order after the DoorDash fees are considered. 

What’s So Great About a Native Integration?

Previously, restaurants could use HungerRush to contract orders out to the DoorDash driver network when they came through their own website or ordering app. 

Now the native integration provides HungerRush with a direct feed of orders that come from the DoorDash app. So you can get the best of our POS and delivery tools while taking advantage of the audience and visibility afforded by such a popular marketplace.

The integration eliminates the need for a separate tablet taking up space in the restaurant. And the risk of input errors when orders are transferred manually from the tablet to the POS. Not to mention the saving of time and tedium.

And if you are using an aggregator to link up HungerRush and DoorDash, the integration simplifies your tech stack, saving you the cost of yet another software provider.

A Host of Efficiency Gains

The purpose of the integration is to make life easier for restaurant operators. By simplifying your tech stack and removing steps from order processing, you can improve your operational efficiency in a number of ways. 

Here are the biggest benefits you will see: 

Easy Menu Management

Rather than logging into a separate DoorDash dashboard to create menus, make menu changes, and get insights into your sales figures, the integration allows you to manage your account straight from your HungerRush POS. As staff already use the POS multiple times a day, this saves time and makes their jobs easier.

Accurate Menus

The data sharing between your HungerRush POS and DoorDash account means that your menus are always up to date across platforms and touchpoints, whether the customer orders on your own app, on DoorDash, or in-store.

Consistency is key to providing a great customer experience that will keep them coming back time and time again. 

Simplify Operations

Whether you currently use a DoorDash ordering tablet and manually transfer the order to the POS, or you have a software aggregator syncing your DoorDash account to your HungerRush POS, the native integration simplifies your operations. This leads to a host of benefits we’ll go into in more depth below.

Reduce Errors

Manually re-punching orders from an ordering tablet to your POS is a recipe for errors and missed orders. Mistakes lead to lost revenue in refunds, food having to be remade, unhappy customers, and bad reviews. This native integration removes this step and ensures orders are accurately transferred straight to your POS.

Speed Up Service

The other advantage of simplifying operations is speedier service. Even if someone only spends 20 seconds reading an order and re-punching it into the POS, during a busy service, that time adds up. 

Say you take 400 DoorDash orders on a Friday night service. That’s more than two hours of lost time in that service alone. Multiply that across multiple venues and you can soon see the huge difference it makes. That time could be spent doing far more useful things, or you could even save money by having fewer staff on shift.

Turn On the Integration to Simplify Your Operations Today

Whichever way you currently take DoorDash orders, the native integration between HungerRush and DoorDash offers a host of tasty features and benefits to help you simplify your operations and get your food to your customers faster.

As the latest addition to our suite of takeout and delivery tools, we’re excited to see it in action so we’d love to get you on board right away.

It’s easy to get started with the integration as it can be added to your monthly subscription and turned on instantly. See how much time and money you can save and talk to a customer success rep today.

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