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The Hot Rock Bar & Grille

“Prior to HungerRush we were using Micros, but the operating system was very old. It was time for something new – an upgrade. HungerRush has far more features than Micros did – features that help me accomplish my tasks more quickly, especially with regard to back office work. Payroll is incredibly easy to do and the reporting features are awesome. Micros’ reports were 12 pages long per report! HungerRush has everything laid out simply for me on a single page, and it’s very easy to read.

I’m not an incredibly computer savvy person, but HungerRush is SO easy to use – it’s idiot proof, like POS for dummies! So user friendly. My staff says the same thing. They love it. Here’s a good demonstration of just how easy it is – recently we had a holiday party here at the bar, and we brought in outside bartenders to run the bar while the staff had fun. We literally had to train these people for 10 – 15 seconds on the POS and they were ready to go. And they loved it too! We’re all very happy with our HungerRush system.”

Albert Borrero