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Fong’s Pizza

“I have been seriously looking at HungerRush for a couple of years. Initially, in our research, my partners and I had our doubts, thinking there really couldn’t be that much difference between one POS to the other, but we later found out that there is, and the difference is bigger than we imagined. We were originally using Aloha with a few issues here and there, but when we finally sat down with the team at HungerRush, I realized the issues could not only be resolved but they could be eliminated altogether. My partners wanted to go with the fad of cloud-based systems, mainly because of the lower initial investment and the idea that all your data is protected and accessible through the cloud, which also led to some other key flaws of cloud systems. I’m so glad I (and my account manager) deviated from the cloud solution and fought to keep the HungerRush as a running finalist in our picking. We manage the smaller store of my three locations and we are projected to be more profitable than the larger stores. The ROI is real and when I vetted them I put them through the ringer. They not only aced the test but put in extra credit in all the areas Aloha lacked i.e. training, post installs communication, online ordering, service, mobile ready sites, and a high level of communication that is rarely seen nowadays. I could only imagine what the cloud companies would have scored. It was an easy decision after that to let them have my other stores because if they treated a new construction this way I could only imagine what a running business can achieve. Did I mention that with these results I expect my rank on the Top 100 should be much higher? Take the path less traveled and come over to HungerRush. The grass is so green.”

Gwen Page