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Electric Cowboy

“After years of research, I made the switch to HungerRush because of the system’s ease of use. HungerRush is more user friendly than any other system I’ve worked with, hands down. I’ve tried Micros, Aloha and Digital Dining, but none of them could encompass our needs, our format, our brand – they just couldn’t do it, or if they could, it was a complete headache and not worth it.

Working with Aloha was a nightmare. I was calling their tech support constantly and even the tech support staff couldn’t successfully deal with my calls. You practically have to be an IT tech yourself to even run Aloha’s program.

With HungerRush, it’s exactly the opposite – it’s so simple and efficient. The other POS companies also lacked the biometric fingerprint authentication feature that HungerRush provides. We saw labor drop 10% right away because of this feature! We immediately saw a 15% – 25% increase in sales, too. HungerRush has really paid off for us.

HungerRush is so much more user friendly than any other POS system I’ve ever seen – I call it Aloha on steroids!”

Troy Guidash