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Pizza Promotion Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween

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Halloween is in the top 5 of largest consumer holidays in the U.S., with spending exceeding $10 billion (National Retail Federation). It’s also one of the biggest days of the year for pizza orders. That means it’s a perfect opportunity for your pizzeria to get creative and boost order volumes with these Halloween pizza promotion ideas. With the right strategy, you can make Halloween a treat for both your customers and your business. Let’s explore some ways a pizza restaurant can prepare for Halloween.

1. Creepily Delicious Halloween Pizza Specials

According to Slice, pizza orders increase by 30% during Halloween.

Tip: Create Halloween-themed pizza specials, such as “Franken-pie” with pesto sauce that looks like slime, or a “Mummy’s Margherita” with mozzarella wrapped like bandages. Spooky, fun, and delicious. Making the most with ingredients you already have is both cost effective and fun!

2. Online Ordering with a Fun Twist

Online food ordering now accounts for roughly 40 percent of the total restaurant sales, as reported by Zippia.

Tip: Offer online-exclusive Halloween deals, like “Order online, and the scariest delivery ghost gets you a discount.” Make it interactive and engaging. Your phone lines can be free and your employees can work on making that dough!

3. Party Packs for Ghoulish Gatherings

People ordering pizza increased by almost 40% on Halloween compared to the annual average(Mashed).

Tip: Create Halloween pizza promotion party packs that include a variety of pies, sides, and drinks. Ideal for gatherings or costume parties. The host will be inclined to order from a pizzeria with options for everyone!

4. Spooky Decor and Packaging

31% of Americans spend as much or more on Halloween decorations as they do on Christmas decor. Americans spent a total of $809.89 million on pumpkins during the 2022 Halloween season, up 13.5% YoY. (Capital One)

Get in the Halloween spirit with spooky-themed decor in your restaurant and offer eerie packaging for takeout and delivery orders. Presentation counts!

5. Engaging Social Media Campaigns

Social media engagements increase by 29% during Halloween (Sprout Social).

Tip: Launch a Halloween-themed social media campaign, like a costume contest featuring your pizzas or a “Guess the Ghostly Topping” game.

6. Contactless and Safe Delivery

53 percent of adults say purchasing takeout or delivery food is essential to the way they live.  (QSR Magazine).

Tip: Highlight your commitment to safety with contactless delivery options for Halloween orders. It’s a treat for customers concerned about health.

Timely Halloween Pizza Promotions

Start your Halloween promotions early, so customers can plan their spooky feasts well in advance. Your customers will be planning those parties so be sure to get those promos out in front of them ASAP!

Remember, Halloween is all about fun and creativity, and your pizzeria can certainly join in on the festivities. With these tips you’ll be well-prepared to serve Halloween pizza promotions your customers will love. Happy Halloween! 🎃🍕

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