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OrderAI Now Works With All Major Restaurant POS Systems

HungerRush OrderAI Now Works With All Major Restaurant POS Systems

OrderAI is one of the most advanced AI-powered phone and text-ordering platforms for restaurants. Until now, it has been restricted to restaurants that use the HungerRush Point of Sale. We’re proud to announce that, via a full POS integration with ItsaCheckmate, OrderAI is now compatible with all major restaurant systems and providers, including Toast, Revel, PAR Brink, and more.

How The POS Integration with ItsaCheckmate Works

ItsaCheckmate is a restaurant technology integrator that enables all kinds of POS and third-party ordering providers to connect seamlessly. Rather than creating dozens of integrations, the HungerRush OrderAI Integration with ItsaCheckmate enables all of them simultaneously. 

Through an ItsaCheckmate integration, OrderAI can access your POS menu in real-time, answer questions about your menu to customers, accept orders, and take payments. All of the information flows to your POS system without disruption or delay.

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What Restaurants Get With OrderAI Integration

HungerRush OrderAI uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to communicate with restaurant customers naturally, without the rigid constraints of old chatbots. This gives restaurants the ability to take orders by phone or text automatically in a way that feels smooth and natural for guests.

OrderAI consists of three elements that work in-tandem:

  • AI Phone Ordering — The phone bot connects to your menu in real-time to answer calls and take orders on behalf of your restaurant. This reclaims time and labor for your staff to focus on more important tasks.
  • AI Text Reordering — The text bot takes orders from customers by SMS, giving your customers a simple, ultra-convenient way to place orders.
  • AI Text Remarketing — The marketing bot sends offers and marketing messages by text that are personalized to the individual. Those customers can then place orders just by texting the bot back.

Want to turn on OrderAI for your restaurant? Connect with us today for pricing and process details.

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