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The One Technology Solution Your Restaurant Needs for 2021

The One Technology Solution Your Restaurant Needs for 2021

The impact of the pandemic has forced many restaurant owners to reevaluate their operations to survive and grow past the crisis. With dips in revenue this past year, it’s essential to cut costs and research the best options for your restaurant. Having up-to-date technology is crucial for business growth and success. But not all restaurant owners have the budget to spend on multiple devices and software programs to handle various aspects of their operations. A better approach is to look for a single technology solution that supports all areas of your business.

Organizing Operations for Sure Success

If you own a business, scalability and efficiency are most likely on your radar. Manually coordinating several programs won’t pave the way to success. Older POS systems will only track sales that occur in your restaurant — and today, you need more. Customers now have a variety of ordering options, and being able to coordinate all of your data from these various options (from online orders to catering) is crucial. Invest in a technology solution that provides a central hub, gathering insights from every area of your business, including:

  • Delivery: Your system must communicate with all of the channels your customers will be using to get their food: dine-in, takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery. For delivery, using a third-party service means not only paying commissions and fees but also potentially losing access to your customer data—and the valuable marketing insights you can gain from that information. Select a system that can either integrate with a third-party platform or that can provide tools to effectively manage your own delivery services.
  • Internal Operations: The ideal technology solution will allow you to manage employee scheduling, human resources, payroll, and more, again from a centralized hub. Removing the redundant systems helps you keep reports, time tracking, and staff information all in one place.

Coordinating all operations will streamline your processes and improve your efficiency and a robust piece of technology is the most beneficial investment for your business.

Marketing Needs Must be Met

Your customers are the heart of your business. But in-person interactions are no longer the only (or even preferred) way to communicate. Today, a huge percentage of commerce has moved into the digital realm, where customers can see and support restaurants online from their phones and computers — which means nurturing customer relationships is essential. If you’re using a dated POS, it may only track customers who walk through the door. What about new potential diners? You need a system with the marketing tools to help you not only attract new clients, but keep the ones you have coming back for more.

Consumers have a wide range of dining choices at their fingertips — literally. You want to stand out from the crowd by giving them a personalized experience with your brand, which will increase their spending and their loyalty. Are you using multiple platforms to manage loyalty and marketing? Different software programs will struggle to connect and give you necessary information. You need a solution that can integrate your rewards, loyalty program, and marketing opportunities. That way, you access data to learn customer preferences in real time. For example, your loyalty program includes valuable information in your customers’ purchase histories, such as ordering patterns and favorite items, which can help you create targeted, personalized offers and marketing campaigns that are more effective.

A Platform for Peak Profits

Versatility is key to survival in the restaurant business. To keep up with your competition and grow sales, you need to look at what has changed in the industry and implement digital solutions accordingly. The coronavirus has made indoor dining a less appealing, but other options can compensate.

  • Digital Ordering Channels: Online ordering is a must-have channel for your restaurant. Your restaurant needs an all-in-one solution that connects customer orders to your employees in the kitchen, in the proper sequence for timely fulfillment.
  • Text to Order: This newer option is a sure way to raise the bar with your customer ordering choices. It’s especially appealing to millennials and Gen Z, who offer the greatest potential for long-term customer value and profit. Texting can trigger impulse orders and provide a simple way for loyal guests to support you.
  • Self-Service and Digital Menus: No-contact ordering options are another must-have for 2021, from self-service kiosks to at-the-table tablets and menus available via QR code. Make sure these are also integrated fully with your back-of-house operations. Your digital menu, website menu, and app menu must all be consistent and easy to update with promotions and specials.

The more ordering channels you can offer, the better. But ordering is only one part of the equation in providing the best customer experiences. For sure success, your tech should seamlessly integrate all elements for maximum impact.

A Restaurant Management System Supports All Aspects of Your Restaurant

A Restaurant Management System (RMS) is an all-in-one solution that saves time and money. It maintains all of your data in a central hub, which streamlines operations because you no longer track data from different platforms. From a single space, you access information and reports to make more informed business decisions. Not only will an RMS simplify your daily to-do list and automate systems to make more money, it will also improve customer satisfaction and drive repeat business. If you’re looking to make one technology investment this year, an RMS can do it all for your restaurant.

When you’re shopping for an RMS, you also want to look for a reliable, knowledgeable provider. HungerRush has more than two decades of experience designing solutions to fit the needs of restaurant owners and customers. To find out more about how our RMS offerings can help you grow your business, request a consultation today.