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Meet OrderAI Talk: The Restaurant Industry’s Most Sophisticated Voice Ordering Phone Bot

Authored by: Matthew Dieden (Product Marketing Manager)

Restaurants today are buckling under the pressure of the hiring crisis—but the latest strides in AI technology can slash restaurant labor burdens.

That’s where OrderAI Talk comes in. HungerRush’s OrderAI Talk is a super smart voice ordering phone bot that takes customer phone orders and frees up staff to focus on more valuable tasks. OrderAI Talk is the latest innovative solution based on the OrderAI artificial intelligence platform.

Through the entire suite of OrderAI products and features, you can offer customers convenient ordering options and reposition your staff more effectively.

What exactly is new in AI technology? We dove into the latest advances and found out:

  • What natural language processing means for your diners
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to text your customers
  • How OrderAI makes more efficient restaurants

Ready to leverage the power of OrderAI and drive up your revenue? Keep reading.

The 3 Pillars Of OrderAI

Clunky chatbots and robotic voices that make customers want to pull their hair out are a thing of the past—at least at HungerRush.

We’re relieved to say that technology has drastically changed (and improved).

Today, HungerRush has three functions of OrderAI, and they all natively integrate into your HungerRush restaurant management system. That means no middle player and no additional third-party fees.

1. OrderAI Talk

Our team has been working on this software for three years and the results? They, well, speak for themselves. OrderAI Talk allows restaurants to:

  • Receive customer orders via an extremely intelligent phone bot
  • Customize the bot to your brand’s personality and tone
  • Complete integrations with POS—orders go directly into your system and customers pay the bot directly
  • Opt callers into Text Marketing to turn one-off calls into frequent customers

Restaurants without OrderAI are limited by the number of phone lines they have: They can only take two simultaneous orders if they have two phone lines, three if they have three, and they need staff to answer those calls. It’s why our pilot customers are experiencing a 92% order success rate with OrderAI Talk—no wait or hold times!

OrderAII enables you to free up staff (no more being tied to the phone!), and if a hundred customers call at the same time, no problem. OrderAI can handle it. You don’t have to worry about losing customers because of the long wait.

2. Text Marketing

OrderAI Talk comes with OrderAI Text Marketing, a direct line to your customers that has an absurdly high open rate of 98% (really!). If you’re not using that for marketing, you’re leaving money on the table. Our Text Marketing module gives restaurateurs the power to:

  • Market to your customers directly via SMS
  • Leverage order history and preference for personalized offers and upsells
  • Give customers the ability to place their order by replying directly to the marketing text with OrderAI Text

Our pilot customers are experiencing a 29% order rate for marketing texts.

3. OrderAI Text

OrderAI Text allows customers to order and pay entirely via text. That means they can receive SMS offers and use them immediately without ever having to leave their text app.

“I am never going to order any other way again. My repeat orders take 10 seconds tops!”
—OrderAI customer, Louisville, KY

Just like OrderAI Voice, OrderAI Text syncs the order with your restaurant management system (RMS) and kitchen. It also collects useful data like the customers’ previous order information and uses that to generate personalized upsell recommendations. For example, if your customer always orders the pepperoni pizza, it won’t send them a coupon for the vegan option.

Here’s the thing—a lot of companies offer AI ordering. But no one else offers all three modules (voice, text, marketing) integrated natively together into your POS. This is a full lifecycle solution from first order to marketing to long-term loyalty building. 

Let’s see how it works in the field.

How the AI in OrderAI Works


The secret sauce behind OrderAI is natural language processing (NLP). NLP means that AI can process and analyze large quantities of human speech. Long story short? It’s capable of learning. It can understand customers, even when they use colloquialisms or regional slang.

All three parts of our OrderAI system sync seamlessly with your restaurant management software. This is a fully native integration, so orders will go directly to your kitchen and inventory management system. No more juggling a dozen apps to get clean and usable data. (That’s a real timesaver, especially if you own multiple restaurants.)

The Breakdown

Benefit Outcome
Your employees no longer have to staff the phones Better labor utilization
No bottlenecks—accept as many calls as you want Zero dropped orders due to long waits
Lightning fast text ordering Reorders can take as little as 30 seconds
Personalized text marketing  This keeps the customer and your brand top of mind
Higher reorder rate Higher overall customer value, which leads to more revenue for you

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OrderAI Is Here To Help, Not Leave You On Hold

3.0+ million—that’s how many orders our OrderAI technology has placed (and counting). We weren’t exaggerating when we said people prefer AI.

HungerRush is the only technology partner that offers these three items in a single package with native integration into your POS system. Native integration cuts out the middle person—and their steep commissions. Plus, investing in OrderAI allows restaurants to:

  • Maximize their labor efficiency
  • Drive revenue
  • Get a direct marketing line to your customers

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, we’re here to help. Talk to a customer success rep today and start counting your profits tomorrow.

I Want OrderAI In My Business.

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