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Level-Up Your Drive-Thru to Boost Revenue

Level-Up Your Drive Thru to Boost Revenue

An on-going challenge for QSR operators is learning how to serve guests quickly and accurately while providing superior customer service. With off-premises dining options taking center stage during the pandemic, it’s essential to look at your data and past performance to make adjustments that will boost sales. QSR operators must analyze all aspects of their business and implement digital solutions to level up their drive-thru and maximize sales in the process.

Connect Your Tech Solutions

Your tech stack is only one piece of the puzzle. Whether you have a Tablet POS, restaurant management solution, or a unique online ordering channel, these solutions should communicate to your kitchen staff for swift and accurate fulfillment. Plus, orders should flow through your digital channel without disrupting takeout operations. This integration will free up drive-thru space and increase overall efficiency. Your solutions must share real-time information for confident decision-making.

While these digital solutions help automate your drive-thru operations, there are even more ways to speed up drive-thru processes. Create dual lanes along with a face-to-face ordering crew armed with mobile order tablets to keep the lines moving. Also, consider a presell menu board to minimize inaccuracies and other bottlenecks in your drive-thru for customers. 54.3 percent of brands with a drive-thru have presell menu boards in place, decreasing total drive-thru time by 13.2 seconds. This is the data you should regularly evaluate to support the guest experience and your revenue benchmarks. With this data, you can stay competitive with the bigger players in your industry.

More Payment Options, More Money

Money is mobile in every sense of the word, which is essential to consider for your restaurant so you can keep up with the competition. Your customers like having options, and how they pay for their food should be no different. Manual and swipe payments are the pre-COVID favorites for customers and restaurants. Now, there are more options on the table.

Credit cards have been rolling out a card tap feature, allowing customers to “tap” their EMV card on the terminal without signing. This option allows guests to feel safe when paying for their food without another person taking their card to swipe manually.

Digital payments, known as mobile wallets, store your card information in an app that allows you to make payments. Some examples are Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. This simplifies the payment processing significantly, especially when it comes to drive-thru orders. With more credit card and digital payment options for customers like a mobile card reader or a Bluetooth cash drawer, your restaurant can beat line-busting problems quickly while gathering real-time data with ease, especially with a solution like a Tablet POS.

After the customer has left your drive-thru, their information will be saved to your system, and you can use this later in your digital marketing efforts to bring those customers back time and time again. Payments should be interconnected with your digital ordering channels and marketing efforts, bringing in more money while prioritizing the guest experience.

Deliver Results with Drive-Thru Data

To say that drive-thru revenue has been the star of the show for the last year is a massive understatement. Drive-thru revenue for fast-food establishments increased by $300 million compared to the same period in 2019. Enhancing your drive-thru operations will improve the guest experience and make you a lot more money than in previous years.

Reporting and time tracking are essential to increase throughput everywhere, but particularly at the drive-thru. A multi-functional platform like a restaurant management solution can easily measure sales, identify traffic jams, and organize all your restaurant data. This solution can help you reach new growth levels by enabling you to address problems quickly and evolve with customer demands. With solutions that make your digital dashboards accessible from anywhere, you can implement changes instantly on any device.

Take time to check in on what superior QSRs are doing to boost revenue with their drive-thru. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The three components to keep in mind are speed, accuracy, and quality of service. These all rely on each other to create a positive drive-thru experience for your customers.

Move staff outdoors with a Tablet POS to greet guests as soon as they arrive. As the orders go straight to the kitchen, your team will have more time to make the orders, guaranteeing accuracy and a quality experience. An infographic showed that brands could be losing over $188 million from order inaccuracies, meaning it’s paramount to get the order correct to boost revenue. Share data with employees to be aware of the order accuracy, drive-thru speed targets, and areas that need improvement. Whenever it’s required, offer menu knowledge training to staff to bridge gaps and improve speed, accuracy, and quality of service.

Boost Drive-Thru Sales with HungerRush

Customer habits show that drive-thru ordering is thriving in 2021. If you plan your business strategy correctly, you can increase your drive-thru sales by looking at what has been working in your favor and where your restaurant can implement new opportunities. The digital transformation has made restaurant solutions more accessible than ever. HungerRush can help your quick-service restaurant optimize your drive-thru for peak profits this year. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts today.