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3 Ways to Leverage Restaurant Digital Signage to Increase Revenue

3 Ways to Leverage Restaurant Digital Signage to Increase Revenue

If you’re looking for a way to increase the visual appeal of your restaurant and create greater engagement with your customers, it might be time to explore restaurant digital signage. This enormously versatile technology can provide a healthy return on investment and increase your revenue gain in several ways.

Strategic Digital Advertising and Promotion Placement Near the Point of Sale

Restaurant digital signage usually involves at least one large electronic display with dynamic content placed near the point of purchase. It can feature mouth-watering visual images or video of your menu options, highlight seasonal items and other promotions, and even include customer recommendations or content from social media. Content can be changed or updated easily (and from anywhere, with cloud-based software), which gives you the ability to experiment with different messages, test what’s most effective, and adjust on the fly. You can even schedule certain content to appear during peak hours or days of the week. Here’s how you can use those messages to captivate customers, incentivize purchases, introduce new products, and save money:

1. Upsell and Cross-Sell

Restaurant digital signage near the point of sale provides opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, leading to larger ticket sizes. You can promote specials or highlight popular combos (e.g. a burger and fries) or upgrades (e.g., getting a large drink for just X cents more). You’ll also reliably stimulate impulse buying in coordination with those taking the order. Entice more people to try your newest menu item by showcasing it in living color. These possibilities all help to achieve greater profits.

2. Reduce Overhead Costs

Paper or poster-board signage, menus, and marketing materials can be costly. They’re expensive to print and distribute, requiring an investment in both material and labor.  When pricing changes or new items are added, it means a whole new batch must be printed, with previous versions becoming waste to be disposed of.

With digital signage, any changes can be made within minutes from a web-connected device and applied across the enterprise, saving a lot of time as well as money. Also, once the cost of the hardware and software for restaurant digital signage is taken care of, you’ll just have to worry about maintenance and electricity, which is less expensive in the long run than printing. Plus, digital signage is environmentally-friendly—and your greener initiative will enhance your brand reputation. 

3. Attract and Retain Customers

Restaurant digital signage can educate and entertain customers waiting for their food, thus reducing their perceived wait times and boosting overall satisfaction. It is important to provide a visually appealing experience that will entice customers to come back for more visits.

With digital signage, you can feature your own creative content or customer experiences such as:

  • Sharing foodie pictures or videos posted with a hashtag on social media.
  • Showcase positive reviews, encouraging greater engagement with your brand.
  • Using it to tell your brand’s story—letting first-time customers learn more about you can foster a stronger connection.
  • Sell ad space to customers who want to wish someone special a happy birthday or celebrate a defining moment in that person’s life!

Competition in the restaurant industry is ferocious, and owners need to leverage every technological advantage to succeed. Digital signage gives you the advantage of eye-catching advertising that stands out from the crowd. With it, you can expand your brand’s reach and engage with customers, all while increasing your revenue.

HungerRush provides technology solutions designed by restaurant professionals. In addition to comprehensive point of sale offerings, we have digital signage to help you drive sales and create positive customer experiences. Like all our products and services, it’s backed by U.S.-based customer support available 24/7/365.  New call-to-action  to find out more about what digital signage can do for your business.