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3 Reasons Why Pizzerias Need an Integrated Point of Sale, Mobile & Online Ordering, and Loyalty Solution

Remember that moment when you opened your next location (or first pizzeria)? Or when you realized that your customers loved the modification you made to the menu or the tweak you made to the sauce?  Those moments were awesome because it was a sign you were growing. And that led you to some logical next questions related to growth.

One of the common questions for pizza shops is how to make all the various software systems work together. An integrated point of sale system with mobile and online ordering as well as a loyalty solution gives growing pizzerias like yours an opportunity to provide an efficient and personalized customer experience which in turn you will boost revenue through increased sales volume and repeat business.  Integrating all of these features with your point of sale system will give your customers a favorable and familiar experience regardless of where they placed their order.

Creating a similar experience whether your customers are visiting your pizzeria, ordering from your website or mobile app or utilizing a reward system where points, offers or discounts accumulate is critical for growing your pizzeria’s brand. It also provides a unique opportunity to communicate brand value to your customers, learn about your customers’ preferences, and enables you to create and deliver a personalized experience. Having all of these features incorporated with your pizza shop’s POS will make your life easier too, giving you fewer things to manage.

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There are three things to consider if you are researching the best pizza POS system that will also allow you to incorporate loyalty programs.

1. You can better control your customer experience and your costs

A lot of pizza shops relay on third-party delivery and online ordering services, which are not free. If you haven’t already, you will feel the effect of their service fees cut into your profits and your customers will pay more through service charges tacked onto their bill. When the third-party provides poor service, screws up an order, or experiences technology glitches, it can reflect negatively on your pizzeria and tarnish your reputation even though it’s outside of your control. Don’t rely solely on these third-parties for pizza delivery. The other options is controlling the online ordering process and reinforcing the brand and the positive relationship you’ve worked so hard to build with your customers. With an online and mobile app ordering system integrated with your pizzeria’s point of sale system, you will take customers to your nicely branded experience where they won’t pay the extra delivery service fees charged by the other guys. With less hassle and fees for the customers, they are more likely to place an online order from your website than a third-party service.

2. Pizza lovers like their experience personalized like their favorite pie

There are hundreds of ways to customize a pizza. The same applies to the things that motivate your customers to order more items per purchase and order from your pizzeria more frequently. If you can’t collect data on your customer’s ordering habits how can you entice them with specific offers designed to increase engagement? Offering the right incentives at the right times to the right person can make a big difference in where and how often people decide to dine. Oh yeah, you also control the data, can make decisions on the data, and nobody else is marketing to your customers (a good thing in today’s competitive market). Be sure your pizza shop’s POS is capturing information that can help you increase customer loyalty by building custom offers that will increase sales.

3. One throat to choke 😉

And lastly, who has the time to manage multiple vendors when you are busy making the best pizzas and serving your fans? You deserve ONE partner who understands the intricacies of how a pizzeria operates – from the POS to the customer loyalty offers to capturing orders online and through a mobile app. That’s a lot! But by providing a seamless customer experience across all ordering points you’ll benefit from the consistent branding and an ordering experience that you can control.  Plus, you don’t have to play middleman trying to coordinate across vendors or worry about version control. Now you’ll have the time to do what you do best – creating the best pizza and customer experience in town! For more information on making these tools work for your pizzeria.

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