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HungerRush POS Wins In Pizza: Menu and Delivery Management

Authored by: David Werner (Vice President of Product Marketing)


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Most POS service providers have never worked in a pizza shop. They build as if most QSRs have the same needs, and rarely understand the quirks of the pizza sub-industry, like crazy topping combinations, complicated coupon strategies, and our reliance on delivery.

But those same POS solutions require pizza store owners to pay extra for pricey customizations—just to do the most basic pizza-specific tasks.

The HungerRush POS system was built from the ground up with pizza in mind. Many of our team members at HungeRush have worked in and/or owned pizza restaurants, so we understand the challenges you’re facing and how crucial a POS system made just for this restaurant type can be to the smooth running of your restaurant.

In this article, we’ll explore a couple of the ways we’ve designed the HungerRush platform to meet the unique needs of pizza restaurants, including:

  • Why pizza restaurateurs get burnt using generic POS systems
  • How to stay on top of endless menu and deal combinations without pulling your hair out
  • How HungerRush helps drive your delivery service’s profit

Tired of working around one-size-fits-all POS systems? Read on.

A POS System That Understands Pizza Toppings & Coupons

Pizza pricing structure is complicated. With countless topping combinations (and customers requesting olives on just half of a pie), a lot of variables impact the final cost of a small, medium, or large pizza. Not to mention multi-step coupons adding an extra layer of spice to proceedings.

A good POS needs to:

  • Implement coupons without the complexity. The pizza industry loves complicated coupons. But most POS providers only provide half-baked solutions when it comes to implementing them. HungerRush enables restaurateurs to combine multi-step coupons, discounts, gift cards, and loyalty programs—without making mistakes.
  • Know how much to charge. Customers love customization, but most POS systems don’t. Do you want to adjust your price according to the ingredients on one half? Can your POS recognize when one side includes more expensive ingredients than the other? Ours can.
  • Assemble orders without mistakes. Our system prints tickets in the order ingredients should be placed on the pie—not just however the customer felt like clicking. And if you think that’s minor, just ask your kitchen staff about it and thank us later.

Amber from Danny’s Pizza was struggling with a lot of the issues we brought up. Here’s what she had to say about the benefits of the HungerRush POS for pizza:

“It may seem simple to make an order say Kid Cut, [but] if you add the time it takes to manually enter those instructions over the course of a month or year, it really adds up. With the HungerRush POS system, it takes us far less time to enter orders, because we don’t have to keep finding workarounds to make modifications.”

HungerRush POS is a versatile hardware and cloud software solution built for pizza restaurants of all sizes. The cloud-based solution provides the flexibility for the owner of a single-location restaurant to check on their store from anywhere or the leadership team of a large chain to analyze store or group performance in real time.

With HungerRush, you can publish menu changes to all your locations—or implement regional market pricing and region-specific menus so you can serve the right slice of pie for the right city.

Up next: Managing your delivery drivers.

Rise Above the Competition with Delivery Management

Source: Canva

If you’re in the takeout business, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running a pizza shop or a Korean BBQ. All restaurant owners want to get food to hungry customers fast—and that requires a solid driver management system.

Delivery might not be unique to pizza, but we still think HungerRush provides the best POS system for delivery management out there.

Here are five things we’re doing that our competitors aren’t:

  1. Smarter caller ID. Sure, every POS should have this, but at HungerRush, we take it to the next level. If a customer has already placed an order and is calling back to make a change, our system pulls up their order automatically so employees can easily adjust it, saving time, effort, and potential ingredients in the kitchen.
  1. We expect the unexpected. Traffic as far as the eye can see. Your regular drivers calling in sick. A sudden lunch rush. Such unpredictability is exactly why HungerRush POS gives you access to DoorDash Drive. You can summon their huge network of drivers at the click of a button—without breaking the bank (only 10% fees).
  1. Draw exactly where you deliver on a map. For a lot of POS systems, geofencing means drawing a two-mile circle around your store. HungerRush Drive allows you to be more precise for greater control.  Sometimes a neighborhood might look far away, but it’s a straight shot with zero traffic. Perhaps you want to avoid delivering near the football stadium on game days to avoid long delays. Custom delivery zones put you in charge of where you do and don’t deliver.
  1. Eyes on the drive. Customers want to know where their food is and exactly how long it’s going to take. Our POS syncs with Google Maps and tracks the “car to door” parameter, while also providing driver efficiency and return-to-store data. All of this contributes to a more efficient delivery management system.
  1. Keep your drivers happy. HungerRush POS has a ton of options for incentivizing your drivers to get back on the road quickly. There’s support for pay-per-order and pay-per-milage and an app for drivers to use themselves making it faster and easier to complete deliveries and return to the store.

With these features, HungerRush makes delivery a snap—no unnecessary rushing required.

Fire Up Success with HungerRush

Not many POS system providers offer the features that make HungerRush a unique asset for pizza store owners. We know the challenges you’re facing because we’ve been there ourselves.

HungerRush POS was designed with the needs of pizza shops in mind. If you’re looking to grow your pizza store, spice up your profits, and keep loyal customers coming back for more—get in touch.

Ask us about our Pizza POS features today!

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