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Why Restaurant Management Systems are the Key to Profitable Pizzerias

Why Restaurant Management Systems are the Key to Profitable Pizzerias

COVID-19 has thrown the pizza industry for a loop. Many dine-in operations have slowed down or shuttered altogether, but the industry as a whole continues to survive. Pizzerias, more than most, were relatively equipped to handle the shift from dine-in to delivery and pickup, since those operations had been popular long before the virus began making headlines. 

And yet, the industry has not been without struggle. Few were prepared for the sheer level of agility that would be asked of them. All the while, the industry continues to change away from old business models into newer, more mobile ones. 

Restaurant management systems (RMS) will play a large part in this shift. These innovative solutions offer seamless integrations and more concrete data than the rudimentary restaurant technology of the past. 

The need for high-powered, robust restaurant management systems is only growing. A recent study found that 69% of restaurant owners are not satisfied with using multiple technology vendors to run their business. A unified management system keeps things simple, efficient, and profitable. 

Here’s how:

Everything is Built to Work Together

Perhaps the main benefit of a restaurant management system is the seamless integration between everything. All of your systems are connected, including: 

  • Online ordering
  • Loyalty program
  • Delivery 
  • Reporting and management 
  • Point of sale
  • Curbside pickup 
  • Mobile app 
  • Handheld ordering
  • Inventory management
  • Employee labor management
  • Driver management
  • Kitchen display system
  • Credit card processing

By integrating all of these solutions in one, pizzerias can achieve new levels of efficiency. They are equipped to deliver a multichannel guest experience by unifying data across systems. 

This results in deeper visibility and greater accuracy, not to mention increased control. Business owners can conduct centralized reporting on multiple locations remotely and draw comparisons among them to understand what affects sales. On top of that, communication becomes streamlined, allowing front-of-house, back-of-house, and off-premises operations to stay connected and working cohesively. 

One of the greatest benefits offered by this modernization is the simplified inventory management. When systems are integrated, changes to inventory are reflected across all platforms. Whereas previously, managers would have to account for estimated stock amounts by adding up on- and off-premises demand manually, a restaurant management system combines it automatically. 

How it helps your bottom line: 

Better communication results in more efficient fulfillment and fewer mistakes, making customers happier, more loyal, and more willing to spend. An optimized inventory means that you’re only spending what you need, instead of losing money on stock-outs and overstocks. And with anytime, anywhere control, your most critical management tools are never more than just a click away on your laptop or mobile device. 

All Your Data is in One Place

A restaurant management system can automate reports from all platforms, no matter whether they are dine-in, take-out, delivery, or curbside pickup. If you want to see how many pepperoni pizzas were sold from 4:00PM – 6:00PM, which delivery drivers were most efficient last month, or how many new loyalty members signed up and what their ticket sizes were, you’ll be able to do so wherever and whenever. 

And this doesn’t just benefit you, either. Your customers can sign up and earn or redeem loyalty program points regardless of how or when they order. The ordering system recognizes them and saves their orders and account info for effortless reorders. They enjoy the same great experience, whether ordering at the table, online, in the drive-thru, or on their mobile app. 

How it helps your bottom line: 

When you have high-quality marketing tools and own all of your data, you can stop getting crushed by the big chains, and boost your strategies to start marketing like a national powerhouse. 

By sharing data across systems and automating its collection, you save valuable time and reduce costly errors. You can make better business decisions on the fly, based on real-time accurate data, and better monitor customer behavior. 

You also gain the tools you need to provide more personalized experiences, resulting in increased customer loyalty, orders, and higher ticket sizes.  

Support and Service is a Breeze

Perhaps one of the greatest and most often overlooked benefits of an integrated management system is the ease of support and service offered by a single provider. Juggling too many tech providers complicates things when systems go down. If one component of your system stops working, it can be difficult to diagnose the root cause and determine which provider to contact. This can lead to finger pointing, long wait times, and costly fees for service and troubleshooting. Needless to say, IT becomes difficult and inefficient. 

With an integrated restaurant management system, everything is conducted through one technology provider. No matter what the issue is, you need only make one phone call to one provider, and you can get back up and running quickly. 

How it helps your bottom line: 

IT calls can be costly, and downtime can be even more so. When your system is down, you quickly lose out on sales. A single provider reduces confusion and saves costs on multiple vendor support and service fees. Your provider can get you back up and running quickly so that you don’t lose out on nearly as many sales as you would if you had to make multiple service calls.  

Benefit from a Greater ROI with HungerRush RMS

HungerRush is a restaurant management system provider that offers affordable hybrid solutions to better meet the demands of pizzerias. We offer easy remote installation and an all-encompassing system that is easy to manage for single operators. 

With our robust training program and our US-based customer success team, you receive timely responses with the help you need (that means no more getting sent overseas when you need help.) HungerRush is scalable to your growth. No matter how many locations you have or plan to have, scaling up your system is quick and easy. 

Best of all, HungerRush RMS is cost-effective. With our software, you can avoid soft costs like training, maintenance, and management. You know exactly what you’re getting, and can rest assured knowing that you can maintain full control over your restaurant from anywhere at all times. 

For more information on HungerRush, request a demo with us today!