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Ways to Maximize the Profitability of Your Pizzeria Delivery Services

Ways to Maximize the Profitability of Your Pizzeria Delivery Services

Ways to Maximize the Profitability of Your Pizzeria Delivery Services

Today’s consumers are all about convenience when it comes to food. We’ve already passed the point where restaurant spending has exceeded grocery spending and the National Restaurant Association predicts that over the next 10 years, a greater proportion of meals will no longer be cooked at home.  These trends will lead to an even greater rise in pizzeria delivery services and adding this option to your restaurant can be transformative for your bottom line. 60% of restaurant operators said that offering delivery has generated incremental sales growth for their business.

If you don’t already offer pizzeria delivery services, this year might be the time to start. Choosing the right pizza point of sale (POS) system can help. If you already deliver, there are a number of ways to maximize the profitability of your pizzeria delivery services.

Get the Word Out with Increased Marketing

Offering delivery services is only the first step. You need to advertise your services to reap the full potential of the program, especially if delivery is a new option for you. Here are some ways to help diners associate delivery with your brand:

  • Marketing to current customers: 
  • Your customer database and the behavioral insights it provides are a gold mine. Leverage the information your POS collects to market your pizzeria delivery services to customers who may not know you offer delivery. Your POS should allow you to send personalized promotions and targeted offers based on past ordering histories or delivery zone.
  • Include eye-catching signage in your location. Digital signage is a great way to display current menu offerings and provide visual appeal to the in-store experience. You can also use it to call attention to new features such as delivery.
  • You can include a flyer and coupon in every pizza box to kick-start the program. A small discount could be the push customers need to order their first delivered pizza.
  • Marketing to non-customers:
  • Be sure your website is optimized for local search.  If someone searches “Pizza delivery in Houston,” for example, you want your pizzeria to come up.
  • Social media advertising can be effective, especially if done around big pizza ordering days such as the Super Bowl or March Madness.

Leverage Third-Party Delivery Services

Third-party delivery services such as DoorDash can provide an alternative if you don’t want to implement your own in-house delivery service. Third-party platforms can take a significant portion of your total sales (PMQ reports up to 30%), but you avoid the added labor and management costs associated with delivery like extra employees, more training, and vehicle fleet costs.

Providers such as  DoorDash also offer on-demand services to supplement your own in-house delivery. You can request drivers as needed, which can be especially helpful during peak times or unexpected labor gaps. 

No matter the option you choose, third-party providers can provide a great way to increase your reach, get your brand in front of more customers and grow revenue. As a bonus, orders placed off-premise are often higher than dine-in sales:  1 in 4 customers said they spend more on off-premise dining than on regular restaurant experiences. 

Streamline the Delivery Process

A more efficient delivery process is a more profitable one. Saving even a minute or two per delivery adds up to a significant amount in time, resource and cost savings. And because industry competition is so tight, small lags in efficiency can mean the difference in losing a customer to the other guys. Start by hiring the best drivers—the most professional, punctual, safe, and courteous ones—because they represent your brand. 

  • Ask for Staff Feedback: Often, the best ideas on streamlining operations come directly from the staff that does it every day. Take the time to get input from your delivery drivers on questions such as: Are there any bottlenecks that consistently get in their way?  Do they have any suggestions for how to speed up the process? Finding these things out straight from the source can help your pizzeria eliminate processes that aren’t working well and add new ones that make delivery more efficient.
  • Integrate Google Maps: Google Maps integration with your food delivery software will send the shortest, fastest routes to your drivers. It can provide real-time updates based on traffic conditions, so that they don’t run into any unexpected construction zones or traffic jams. Google Maps integration also tracks driver mileage and delivery time to help you determine your highest-performing drivers. It provides visibility into delivery zones, helping you to determine where to set them and allowing customers to see where you deliver.

Technology is Key for More Profitable Pizzeria Delivery Services

Your pizza POS is the backbone of your operations, and it has a crucial effect on your overall restaurant profitability. An integrated system is essential, so that all orders, no matter how they are placed—in person, online, in-app, through a third-party, or over the phone—are processed accurately and in the correct sequence for maximum efficiency. 

Your POS should bring everything together, from your ordering platforms and kitchen display system to inventory and labor management, loyalty programs, driver dispatch, and food delivery software. It should allow you to make menu changes across all platforms, include foolproof cash management tools and driver reminders, and provide reports and analytics so that you can continuously track your success. Delivery may just be one piece of the pie, but if you do it right, it can be a substantial slice. 

HungerRush provides technology solutions designed by restaurant professionals with customer needs in mind, especially the needs of pizzerias. For more information on how our POS can improve your pizzeria delivery services and increase your profit margin, contact us to New call-to-action .