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• Restaurant patrons place, on average, 1.26 orders per month using OrderAI • The number of customers that consistently place three or more orders per month increases 77% over a 24-month period aer installing OrderAI • With OrderAI, Restaurants keep 14% more than compared with orders placed through third-party delivery services • 20% of users who received text marketing via OrderAI placed at least one or more orders • Locations using OrderAI receive an average of around 291 orders per month through the platform Customers are 257% more likely to place orders via their mobile phone, than on a laptop or desktop computer At least 70% of mobile- based coupons are redeemed (that's 10x more than email or physical coupon) 2 Text message marketing performs 7x better than email marketing • They also experienced a 29% increase in revenue, month-over-month • 41% of text-ordering customers place 2 or more orders per month Movement of consumers are likely to sign up for a restaurant's text message 1 71% 98% Text messages have a open rate 3 3 Ionita, C. (2021, February 23). 20 SMS Marketing Statistics 2021 You Need to Know. VoiceSage. 2 Tocci, M. (2021, June 11). 30 Powerful Coronavirus Restaurant Statistics to Know in 2021. SimpleTexting. 1 Gingerich, M. (2020, March 23). 11 Surprising Text Message Marketing Statistics for 2020. Mike Gingerich. 1.21 MILLION ORDERS PLACED USING ORDERAI

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