Six Critical Insights Hiding in Your Multi-unit restaurant data

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6 Critical Insights CUSTOMER DATA PREP DATA STAFF DATA in Your Multi-Unit Restaurant Data How to utilize technology to take command of your multi-unit operations Identify, activate and reward your customers Pinpoint common sources of order errors MORE THAN 5:1 payback in repeat business from loyalty programs Your customers are your greatest asset, and rewarding their repeat business is essential to achieving aggressive growth. By mining the comprehensive customer data that you own, you can determine what your highest spenders have in common, what your regulars love most about your menu, and which ordering channels they prefer. 3 Reduce stang costs with better training (and retaining!) of employees UP TO $1800 Each restaurant employee can cost to train Understanding sta data has importance beyond accurate and timely payroll processing. When you track and optimize employee onboarding and training in real-time, your new sta will be taking orders on their first day and you'll be trimming 50% o your training costs. Trade the hassles of high-turnover sta for the ROI of high-performing members of your team. 2 of operating costs by reducing errors and food waste CUT 26% By tapping into your food prep data, you'll see patterns and can understand which menu items are exceeding desired prep time, which might be consistently error prone, and which don't travel well for delivery and takeout orders. Armed with this information, you can make instantaneous, above-store adjustments to recipes and processes to help the kitchen sta work more eciently. OPERATIONAL DATA INVENTORY DATA Streamline and integrate operations to quickly adapt to market trends 5 Understand and leverage economies of scale when ordering for your multi-unit operation Ready to learn more? See how execs just like you have uncovered hidden insights in their restaurant operations. 3040% Multi-unit operators can negotiate up to a reduction in food costs 60% OF FRANCHISES not using an RMS, and in the dark about trends across locations Take command of your supply chain by consolidating inventory data across all your franchise locations. You'll find opportunities to exercise your buying power and negotiate down your food costs. By centralizing procurement, you can accurately track your inventory and get competitive pricing on the bulk of your food purchases. Streamline and scale your multi-unit operations with a comprehensive RMS. A Restaurant Management System (RMS) combines modern Point-of-Sale capabilities with online ordering, delivery management, loyalty programs, and above-store reporting. Instead of relying on clunky spreadsheet reports for individual locations, upgrade to a complete RMS that you can access anytime, anywhere, from any device. Manage all aspects of your multi-unit operations in a single dashboard, update menus instantaneously, and never miss a hidden insight again! 4 Average ticket value from online ordering is than the average in-store check 18% HIGHER As customer preferences change, you need the flexibility to meet their demands and grow your multi-unit operations. Online ordering and delivery management are just the latest examples of capabilities your customers expect. Instead of losing their business to competitors or third-party delivery services, update your technology to meet the expectations of your target market. PAYMENT DATA Optimize your payment processing for lower fees and faster access to cash 6 in fees from every sale Payment processors take LEARN HOW UP TO 4% Many operators assume processing payments are simply the cost of doing business. By mining your process fee data, you can analyze which fee model is best for your bottom line (flat rate vs. cost plus). Uncover ineciencies in your payment processing to maximize profitability. 1

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