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Piu Bello Pizzeria Case Study

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Piu Bello Pizzeria Increases Revenue and Delivers Exceptional Customer Experience Piu Bello is a family-owned restaurant that combines classic Italian fare with a modern American concept. They offer all the classic Italian dishes, as well as wings, mozzarella sticks, and chicken fingers. Providing table service, delivery, and carry-out to customers, Piu Bello requires an optimized workflow and efficient technology. Challenge When Mehul Patel first purchased the restaurant Piu Bello in 2016, he was aware of a big issue. Revenue had been declining by 20% year over year. He suspected that he could use technology to uncover hidden operational issues that were causing bottlenecks and hurting operational efficiency and productivity. However, the existing POS system was point of sale in its most basic form—only capable of basic tasks like order entry and customer check out, while not providing any insight into the operational problems that were causing a decline in revenue. Over time, the amount of manual work Mehul needed to complete to manage the day to day operations of the restaurant became overwhelming. Mehul assessed his existing POS system and determined that it was better suited to retail operations, because it was unable to track and manage major restaurant cost centers like labor and inventory and it did not help him market to new or existing customers. To turn things around and operate his pizzeria more efficiently, Mehul realized he needed to leverage a robust POS system that could provide insight into operational costs and automated controls over inventory, delivery, and labor management. Customer Piu Bello Pizzeria Challenge Hidden operational issues causing bottlenecks and hurting efficiency and productivity Solution HungerRush® with integrated online ordering, delivery support, and reporting and management provided greater visibility to streamline operations and drive profitability Case Study

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